Artica is An IT infrastructure Appliance

Artica is an Open Source project born in 2004.
It designed to Build Powerful and Safe but Simple to Use Proxy service, Reverse-Proxy service, DNS service, DNS Filter service,FireWall service, IDS service, SMTP service and TCP routing gateway

About Artica Tech

Artica Tech is a new French Software Publisher, an independant company, established in 2012.
It is based near Paris in France.
Artica project began in 2004 and stemmed from ideas about how to improve the Open Source security solutions available at the time, which were difficult and often expensive to implement and maintain
Artica claim to provide a user-friendly Web interface.
Today, with around 100.000 servers installed worldwide, Artica solutions are as relevant to small and medium-sized entreprises as they are to the largest of firms.

Artica provide an alternative to costly solutions on the one hand and free solutions on the other

Community or Enterprise License

Artica is an Open Source project,ISOs and appliances are browseable using SSH.
Development team make its source code available to everyone want to improve it or auditing the code.
You can examine the code to make sure it's not doing anything you don't want it to do

Most parts of the product are free of charge, these parts are used in Community Edition mode
Some parts especially designed for Enterprise require to purchase an Enterprise Edition subscription.

For example, you can use the proxy service without any limitation but to enable advanced filtering, statistics and caching you need an Enterprise Edition

Main Artica services that requires a subscription

Following service need to purchase an Enterprise Edition

  • Artica categories for Web/DNS-filtering
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Active Directory connection
  • ElasticSearch management and statistics
  • Cluster feature
  • Reverse Proxies services
  • DNS Filter service
  • HaCluster service

Main Artica services that are totally free of charge

Following service doesn't need to purchase an Enterprise Edition and can be used without any limitation

  • DNS service
  • Load-balancing DNS service
  • Firewall service
  • DHCP service
  • Routing service
  • Web service
  • IDS service
  • Rsync service
  • LDAP Database
  • MySQL Database